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for UL feeder circuits >250V

Multifunctional measuring device for front panel installation (37000)

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Part No.: 37000000A


Multifunctional measuring device for front panel installation

230 V

Measurement of current, voltage, power, energy and derived values

without communication



Measurement Technique

Product group 23
Subgroup 22
pack size 1
EAN 4021267370008



Technical data

Details IEC
Electrical data IEC
rated voltage (IEC) AC: 230 V
min. operating voltage AC: 85 V
min. operating voltage DC: 80 V
digital inputs: 1
digital outputs: 2
analog inputs: 0
temperature inputs: 0
measuring voltage line / line min.: 8 V
measuring voltage line / line max.: 660 V
accuracy class (current): 0.5
accuracy class (voltage): 0,5

power dissipation of the article:

The power dissipation at a typical load of 80 % results to 2,6 W.

(The power dissipation at full load would be 4,0 W.)

Supplementary data IEC

The following values have been verified with tests under certain conditions. Please ask Wöhner for this conditions before designing your panel.

max. permitted voltage (IEC) AC: 275 V
max. permitted voltage (IEC) DC: 350 V
Mechanical data
W x H x D: 96 x 96 x 80
weight: 20,5 kg/100
degree of protection: IP20
front degree of protection: IP40



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