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for UL feeder circuits >250V

connection module 50 mm², 3-pole (01593)

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Part No.: 01593


connection module 50 mm², 3-pole

with box terminals 6 - 50 mm² / AWG 10 - AWG 1



Product group 07
Subgroup 42
pack size 1
EAN 4021267015930

Advantages of the product

direct connection to the CrossBoard, cover included

capable of feeding (up to 125 A) 1 or 2 CrossBoards simultaneously with balanced or unbalanced load on the boards.

can be used without cables as a bridge connection between 2 CrossBoards up to 125 A. Feeding a third CrossBoard with cables is acceptable, but the total current cannot exceed 125 A.


CRITO® unlockable from top or bottom

catalog page 2020 : 1.1
eCl@ss 6.1 27141146
eCl@ss 7.1 27141146
ETIM 4.0 EC000001
ETIM 5.0 EC000001



IEC 61439-1:2011
IEC 60999-1:1999
IEC 60999-2:2003
GB/T 7251.1



for UL feeder circuits >250V

type number: CR45-A

EAC Type: TE-M

UL file: E123577, UL category (for USA): NMTR

UL file: E123577, UL category (for Canada): NMTR7

CCC approval: no certification required

Technical data

Details IEC
IEC 61439-1:2011
IEC 60999-1:1999
IEC 60999-2:2003
GB/T 7251.1
Electrical data IEC
Rated current (IEC): 125 A
rated voltage (IEC) AC: 690 V
rated isolation voltage Ui AC: 800 V
The insulation performance of the article depends on the installation conditions.
Supplementary data IEC

The following values have been verified with tests under certain conditions. Please ask Wöhner for this conditions before designing your panel.

max. permitted voltage (IEC) AC: 800 V
max. permitted voltage (IEC) DC: 800 V
current capacity (IEC) max.: 125 A
rated peak withstand current  Ipk max.: 15 kA
Details UL
UL 508
for UL feeder circuits >250V
suitable for field-installed conductors
Electrical data UL
rated current (UL): 100 A
rated voltage (UL) AC: 600 V
SCCR unprotected max.: 10 kA
3 cycles (without OPD) @ 600 V AC
SCCR protected max.: 100 kA
SCCR: 100 kA with JDDZ fuse Class J 175 A / 600 V AC
100 kA with any DIVQ/7 circuit breaker 100 A / 480 V AC
65 kA with any DIVQ/7 circuit breaker 100 A / 600 V AC
Mechanical data
W x H x D: 45 x 160 x 92
weight: 25 kg/100
poles: 3-pole
front degree of protection: IP20

Terminal points

6 - 50 mm² / AWG 10 - AWG 1
feindrähtig, direkt geklemmt oder mit Aderendhülse,
6 - 35 mm² Rundleiter mehrdrähtig,

(feindrähtig mit Aderendhülse eventuell nicht mit maximalen Querschnitt möglich)

Material properties
Main body: temperature stability 125°C,
self-extinguishing in acc. to UL 94,
creepage resistance CTI 600,




touch protection cover IP20
for terminal plate 01593

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