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for UL feeder circuits >250V

adapter 160 A, with CrossLink® interface (32690)

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Part No.: 32690


adapter 160 A, with CrossLink® interface

90 x 160

for ABB Tmax XT1, Allen-Bradley 140G-G, Siemens 3VA10, 3VA11, 3VA51



Product group 05
Subgroup 30
pack size 1
EAN 4021267326906

Advantages of the product

Capable of feeding and bridging two CrossBoards simultaneously.

catalog page 2020 : 1.4
eCl@ss 6.1 27142190
eCl@ss 7.1 27142190
ETIM 4.0 EC001531
ETIM 5.0 EC001531



IEC 61439-1:2011
GB/T 7251.1



for UL feeder circuits >250V

type number: EQ90-AA

EAC Type: EQ

UL file: E123577, UL category (for USA): NMTR

UL file: E123577, UL category (for Canada): NMTR7

CCC approval: no certification required

Technical data

Details IEC
IEC 61439-1:2011
GB/T 7251.1
Electrical data IEC
Rated current (IEC): 160 A
rated voltage (IEC) AC: 690 V
rated isolation voltage Ui AC: 800 V
rated surge voltage Uimp : 6 kV
short-circuit withstandability: the short-circuit capacity of the combination of adapter and MCCB depends on the MCCB

power dissipation of the article:

The power dissipation at a typical load of 80 % results to 6.3 W.

(The power dissipation at full load would be 9.8 W.)

Folgende notwendige Reduktionen wurden durch Prüfungen ermittelt:
Leistungsschalter Siemens:

  • Siemens 3VA11, Leitungsabgang unten: 144 A
  • Siemens 3VA11, Leitungsabgang oben: 136 A
  • Siemens 3VA51, Leitungsabgang unten: 125A
  • Siemens 3VA51, Leitungsabgang oben: 112 A
Details UL
UL 508
for UL feeder circuits >250V
Electrical data UL
rated current (UL): 100 A
rated voltage (UL) AC: 600 V
SCCR protected max.: 100 kA
SCCR: 100 kA with any DIVQ/7 circuit breaker 125 A / 480 V AC
42 kA with any DIVQ/7 circuit breaker 125 A / 600 V AC
Mechanical data
W x H x D: 90 x 160 x 45
weight: 40 kg/100
poles: 3-pole
Material properties
Main body: temperature stability 125°C,
self-extinguishing in acc. to UL 94,
creepage resistance CTI 600,



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