universal busbar support (01230)



Part No.: 01230

universal busbar support

for undrilled flat busbars 30 - 120 x 10 and double-T and triple-T section busbars

for busbars 30 - 120 x 10,  double-T and triple-T section

particular article



Product group 06
Subgroup 24
pack size 4
EAN 4021267012304
catalog page 2015 : 4.12
eCl@ss 6.1 27400607
eCl@ss 7.1 27400607
ETIM 4.0 EC001166
ETIM 5.0 EC001166



IEC 61439-1:2011
GB/T 7251.1

CCC approval: no certification required

Product data

Details IEC
IEC 61439-1:2011
GB/T 7251.1
Electrical data IEC
rated voltage (IEC) AC: 690 V
rated isolation voltage Ui AC: 1000 V
rated surge voltage Uimp : 8 kV
The insulation performance of the article depends on the installation conditions.

power dissipation of the article:

The power dissipation at a typical load of 80% of the rated current results to 0 W.

(The power dissipation for operation with rated current would be 0 W.)

Supplementary data IEC

The following values have been verified with tests under certain conditions. Please ask Wöhner for this conditions before designing your panel.

max. permitted voltage (IEC) DC: 1500 V
Short-circuit withstand capacity: Surge current strength > 100kA at Busbar support separation 400 mm
Mechanical data
W x H x D: 30 x 580 x 65
weight: 50 kg/100
poles: 3-pole
for busbars: 30 - 120 x 10,  double-T and triple-T section
Material properties
Main body: temperature stability 125°C,
self-extinguishing in acc. to UL 94,
creepage resistance CTI 600,
Screws: screw +/- (PZ3), galvanized, chromized


Torque for the screws of the busbar support Md = 4Nm



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